Nattokinase Side Effects

Nattokinase Side Effects

Nattokinase is an enzyme which is said to be a powerful miracle drug. But according to some experts there are several nattokinase side effects one should watch out for.

A Short Introduction to Nattokinase

This medication is actually an enzyme found in Japanese fermented soybeans called Natto. This tastes like cheese and is often partnered with rice for breakfast. Like cheese, the soy beans are fermented and incorporated with the bacteria called Bacillus Subtilis.


Based on some research, this can be used for various cardiovascular problems such as hypertension, angina or chest pains, DVT or Deep Vein Thrombosis, and atherosclerosis. Some people also say this is quite effective for pain relief. There are also a few who claim that this shows positive results when used in treating infertility and even cancer.

How Does This Work?

The enzyme is a fibrinolytic protease which basically hydrolyzes proteins. In simpler terms, this can break down any hard substance within the blood vessels – a very good example of which is arterial plaque. It is also said to prevent its buildup as well. According to some experts, this has the ability to digest and excrete toxins which causes inflammation in the blood and in the gut.

Apparently, its main function is also the cause of nattokinase side effects.

Too Much of a Good Thing Can Be Bad

As explained earlier, the main function of this enzyme is to break down clots in the blood and thin the blood as well. Naturally, if you take much more than what is prescribed, Nattokinase will thin your blood to the point wherein it does not coagulate anymore.

Nattokinase Side Effects

Nattokinase Side Effects

Remember that coagulation is a very important bodily function as well. This is very helpful in the natural healing process of the body. For example, a small needle prick on the finger should close in a less than a minute. If blood continues to flow out, you are suffering from a clotting disease.

Aside from the inability of blood to clot there can be other side effects include the following:

Other Nattokinase Side Effects


This is caused by capillaries which burst under your skin. If the dark skin discoloration does not go away, then you might be suffering from this already.


Low blood pressure is caused by the very slow blood flow in the veins and arteries by the thinned out blood.


Dizziness is a secondary symptom of hypotension.

Should You Take This?

If you have hemophilia or any other blood clotting disorder, you should never take this medication because you will only be increasing your risk of having bruises, or worse, bleeding problems. Doctors also tell people with ulcer and liver cirrhosis not to take this since it will only worsen one’s condition.

Patients who will be undergoing surgery and those who have just come out in the operating room should also steer clear of this drug. Like most medications, nattokinase should not be given to pregnant women and those who are breast-feeding.

Now that nattokinase side effects have been discussed, the choice is still up to you. As long as you are committed to using it and you feel that you really need it, just take the necessary precautions, consult your doctor and you’re good to go.

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