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Nattokinase is an enzyme that is found in traditional Japanese soy cheese that is also known as natto which has shown to exhibit a fibrin lytic effect particularly in the blood stream. It has the capability to break down any blood clots. Nattokinase was discovered in 1980 by a doctor known as Hiroyuki Sumi from Japan Miyazaki Medical College while studying in Chicago. Since it was discovered, the cardiovascular effects of Nattokinase have been studied in the many countries. It has been found to play the function similar to that of plasmin, an enzyme responsible for breaking down blood clots. On top of that, it as a distinctive plague-dissolving enzyme, it has also shown some benefits in ophthalmology, Alzheimer’s therapy and cardiovascular treatment.

Nattokinase Benefits

The advantages of Nattokinase are several, including minimizing blood pressure, reducing blood clots, easing vascular symptoms and dissolving fibrous tissues in the body. This is a very strong enzyme that is usually made from highly fermented and purified soybeans. It is at times referred to as a vegetable cheese. It has been used in Japan for a number of years as a fork-kind of remedy and it has all along been proven amazing results.

Another merit of taking natto is the effect it has on the skin. Natto contains high amounts of vitamin B2 and proteins, thus, it leaves an individual’s skin looking youthful. In addition, natto is beneficial to the bones since it has high amounts of vitamin K2 and it might help in preventing osteoporosis. On top of the above mentioned advantages, natto also shows some positive results in minimizing varicose veins, chronic inflammation and fibromyalgia.



However, the main function of natto is its ability in preventing blood clots and reducing the size of other existing blood clots. Since Natto usually increases the ability of the body to fight blood clots, it has the key merit over conventional blood thinners. It has a lot of advantages compared to its side effects.

Potential still exists for Nattok to prevent and even eliminate varicose veins, muscle spasms, diabetes and chronic inflammation. However, researches are still being done to fully understand the usefulness of taking Nattokinase for these conditions.


One easy way in which you can incorporate natto into your health diet is to prepare some and then add it to your diet. One of the common ways on how to eat natto is by heating it up in a tiny bowl, add some soy sauce, karashi mustard and chopped green onions even though this is optional. Stir all this ingredients together then sever it with steamed rice. You can also try it out with barbecue sauce if you would something different. You can get natto in any health store.

Nattokinase has been taken by many individuals as a treatment for many sicknesses for a number of years with no verifiable side effects. As you have seen above, there are many benefits of taking natto. Nonetheless, if you have any concerns, you should make sure that you consult your doctor. These are some of the benefits of taking natto.